Second Term 2019

πŸ’™. We survived the 1st morning back at school. We (I🀣🀣🀣) woke up late ⏰, did everything in such a rush.

πŸ’™. The nice part is we are such a great team, the Twins have grown so much they bath and change on their own while I double check if bags are packed correctly and sort out the breakfast. DISCLAIMER: This DOES NOT work perfectly all the time you can check Adeodatus’ right sock is flipped out, sometimes we end up redoing something. What’s important to me is they have the concept and with time it will get better.

πŸ’™. Enjoy second term my little gentlemen, may we work even harder to nurture good personalities, mannerisms, kindness, talents and also grades.

πŸ’™. How has first morning of second term gone for you?

Single Mom Life

How many single mom’s are out there? I salute all parents but have a deeper understanding of single mom’s with me being one of them. Very often people tell me how they have respect for me, how they’re proud of me and a lot of other good things. I casually say thank you because the greater part of the time it just feels like one of those things that people say just to keep you going.

Today I’m putting myself on the spotlight and saying: Well done Mama! All the hardships I have endured with my Twins, all the hard work I put in to make sure they’re well catered to, all the time and love I put in and most of all the sacrifices I make. I mean guys I don’t own a pair of socks, I use some of their socks 🀣.

I’m proud of myself for doing the best that I can even if some ventures are unsuccessful. I’m far from perfect but what I have done so far is perfect. Through this motherhood journey, I have learned not to be so hard on myself, I’m still learning everyday to exercise patience and most of all that when I parent I use my own skills because that’s what works for the Twins and I.

This certainly is not easy and there are days of melting down, that is ok. Just know Mama that you’re doing great and others are inspired by you. The days you feel like giving up, remember who is watching… Those bundles of joy.

🀑School Funday🀑 02.03.19

🀑 It was all fun and games yesterday at school. The Twins were looking forward to it all month. Their main focus was on the inflatables and they hardly came to me for anything.


🀑 There was fun face painting, hairspray, soccer and netball. I really had a nice time knowing they’re having a nice time. I went in for the kill and did the face painting and hairspray, teachers and kids were giving me high 5’s for this πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½. You should have seen the Twins faces beaming with joy 😍.

🀑 Let’s not forget the importance of the funday… I am big on supporting any kind of fundraiser for the school. Anything to help better the school is a huge investment in my eyes because it improves their learning environment. It also sends out good vibes to the kids when you’re involved. Do you also support school events?

Grade 1 we are here!

This is the day that the Lord has made. My Twin babies are in Grade 1 yaaaayyyy!!! They were up bright and early 05:30 and asked if it was school today.

I had ‘home schooled’ the Twins for a year because I just couldn’t afford school. This wasn’t going so good because half the time I’m tired from work, I need to then cook when I get home, I was trying to study then having to teach them as well. I felt I was robbing them and I stopped at nothing to make sure they would be back in a school!

God will always see us through, of course we also have to put in the determination and hard work for the recipe to be a success.

The Twins settled in well, they remembered their teacher from orientation day. They were asked if they wanted to sit together or separately and Amadeus answered: we are Twins we sit together 🀣. I left with my heart at peace, they’re in good hands and they have each other!

Thank you so much to everyone that has also played a role making this whole single mum gig bearable!

How did back to school go for you guys?

It’s almost time!!!

On Wednesday 9 January the Twins officially start Grade1 and I am all over the show, different kinds of panic. Having to do all of this alone is quite overwhelming in every aspect.

➑️ I have to finish labelling everything by tonight.

➑️ There are a few items outstanding.

➑️ I generally get anxious over a to do list that has 3 or more items 🀣.

I’m trying to find some sanity because I don’t want to drive my Twin babies crazy and lead them to think that this is a scary ordeal. It’s a new chapter of their lives and I will do my best to play a positive major role in a smooth transition.

Wish me luck guys. Are you ready for Back to School vibes?

Mai 2: The Fierce Child Bearer Part 2

Mother dearest was busy trying to leave the very same day but could not find any bus available. The irony was all of a sudden my blood pressure was too low they were unable to deliver my babies. At this time, I am highly confused and scared and all I want is my mother. I had another person that my pregnancy was addicted to other than Toby and my Mother, that is Tarie. Tarie basically watched me all the days that I would repack my preparation bag for the hospital (was anyone else this freaky while pregnant, asking for a friend?), she cooked for us all the time and even baked us a gorgeous cake for the baby shower. Tarie was at the hospital in no time with our bag and I was filled with joy. In the midst of all this I did call the Twins dad and had asked for fish and chips. He called claiming he had arrived at the hospital complaining about something and I honestly was not about that life. In that state I told him he could get lost. Here I am now alone with a catheter and a drip on the hospital bed. I had had enough action for one day.

The following morning I had friends and relatives that came to visit me and I was feeling all kinds of special. They managed to get me calm I was not stressing so much but still yearning for mother in the core of my heart. I will never forget the cousin that attempted to rip my heart out while I peed through a tube and had needles in some veins. Yes I may have made wrong choices but my angels were coming so there was no need for lectures at that time. Anyway I guess we all have moments where we are judgmental.

Fast forward to 2 July 2012 when my mother arrived in the country after a gruesome bus trip which she endured because there is no love greater than that of a mother. When I heard she had arrived I did my waddle run pulling my drip and catheter with. I laid my eyes on her and I swear my babies started doing a happy dance. I was over joyed and I just wanted to hug her. She laid her eyes on me after last seeing me when I was 3 months pregnant and I saw how the concern poured down heavily on her. She did her job and was hiding it from me and she gave me a big hug with tears in her eyes. I was giggling and telling her I’m ok as the nurses were shouting : go back into bed wena! We sat, talked and prayed then my heart was full of joy. Visit time was over and mom was off. My neighbor Jane had her family visit her as well that day so now all we could do was reminisce like children that had come from a theme park. Nurse came to do those dreaded uncomfortable checks and boom, it was time. I was ripe and ready lol.

Uhhmm I don’t know coz I only just delivered Twin boys, was only allowed to eat porridge, I’m bleeding from my vagina and learning to breast feed.

It was such a cold night and that long ride on a wheelchair to theater with my bag on my lap is unforgettable. My stomach turned (it could have been the Twins excited to meet me) and I felt cold chills down my spine. This cold fear continued to choke me when I got into theater and the whole team of ‘doctors’ is speaking in fluent doctor and I can see all these knives, scissors and needles waiting to devour me. At this time I was wishing I was not alone then maybe I would not have felt so cold. I got on to the bed and saw this really huge needle and they’re explaining something that my blocked ears couldn’t hear. I’m close to tears and I’m wearing a straight face, mommy instincts had long kicked in. Let the games begin and before I knew it I heard crying and laughter as my first born Amadeus had peed on the doctors. They showed him to me and with joy I said: he looks like the dad! Little did I know the games are still underway and the second cry echoed when Adeodatus arrived in the room and wow I said, he looks like me. I was so over joyed and weak at the same time. When I was taken to the ward, all I asked for were my children. I was asked to rest and I refused profusely because I had heard all the stories of babies being stolen or swapped in Government Hospitals. I was ready to take on a lioness and so they gave me my children and II collapse into a deep sleep. I could hear an alarm ringing and didn’t understand why it wasn’t being switched off? It was the Twins crying, wake up mommy! Freshly stitched incision, vaginal bleeding, epidural and Morphine faded I soldiered on alone. The father arrived in the morning and asked why I was shaking? Uhhmm I don’t know coz I only just delivered Twin boys, was only allowed to eat porridge, I’m bleeding from my vagina and learning to breast feed.

We were discharged from the hospital when the Twins were 2 days old yaaay they were all clear medically. Besides someone else needs the bed, get moving. We went home to my mother and everything started falling into place. I went through so much during my pregnancy and delivery, this is why I molded into this mother that stops at nothing to make sure her babies are taken care of. P.s don’t look forward to pictures of me holding my babies for the first time just after the c-section, remember I was alone and government hospital doctors didn’t have that kind of time.

Mai2: The Fierce Child Bearer Part 1

It was a beautiful very pregnant day for me on Thursday 28 June 2012. I woke up craving for McDonalds and the best part is one of my best friends Toby had come for a visit and he fell victim to getting McDonalds for the pregnant lady. We walked a good 6 km (yes at 36 weeks) to and from only for me to nibble on it. Toby was highly concerned about this walk but he obviously wasn’t equipped to argue with a pregnant lady and so we did walk. It was lovely seeing him as always, we got to chat about everything in life. It was time for the see you later’s and Toby went on his way. My house mate couldn’t help but giggle at how I put emphasis on the fact that I wasn’t really tired from the 6 km walk because I am sure I looked more than burnt out.

Yawn, it is morning time and my 4:30am alarm went off because it was antenatal check up day. I was registered at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital and with it being a Government hospital I had to be there early to make sure I would be attended to. As I got to the taxi rank, the taxi drivers asked how it was humanly possible that I was still walking around with the size of my belly? Other passengers joked about how I just want to have a taxi rank delivery, I laughed so hard and was asked to take it easy.

I got to the hospital and as I am walking to the waiting room, a nurse calls for a wheelchair and I look around to see who was in despair but alas it was for me? I’m confused right now as they’re trying to check my blood pressure in the midst of me trying to get out of this damn wheelchair! “She is pre-eclamptic, we need to get this blood pressure down and deliver these babies” I heard one say. I have stood up from the wheelchair trying to figure out what that means because they’re all busy talking and now asking me to shove some pills down my throat, how dare they because I’m only
allowed to take Panado? A nurse says: ehh mama you’re in danger we need to get those babies out asap. At that moment, I found my phone with ease and I called my mother who was all the way in Zimbabwe to say: IT’S TIME! My mother being exactly that, dropped everything and started making arrangements to get to her last born child….