Lux Even Tone White Lily & Cocoa Butter

First Impression

My friends at Rubybox sent me this beautiful soap to review, the packaging oozed out natural to me. I was captivated and taken out doors with the look. The box itself had a sweet scent meandering out of it.

Indulgence of the Soap Bar

I didn’t wait for anything I immediately placed it in the bathroom and started using it. It has the luxurious foaming lather and that sweet scent serenading the entire bathroom. Bathtime feels a lot like a pamper session lately for me and I love it.


My skin feels spoilt with deep moisture and is left feeling soft. My skin tone has not changed though, I’m not sure if that is still alright but I am happy with the product.

Rubybox Registration

I know we all love freebies, if you’re in South Africa and would also love be to receive freebies to test and review, drop me your email addresses so that I get you registered otherwise click Here to register.

Pandora Garden

The Launch

Pandora launched an exciting new collection that is nature inspired and mesmerizing on 15 March 2019. I was invited to the launch at the Mall of Africa store and I just walked in with a WOW in to this enchanted store. Canapes were flying around and cocktails shaken into glasses on demand.


A colourful garden photo booth was catching everyone’s eyes and you couldn’t help but be drawn to it. Bring me, I certainly went for it and printed out my picture. Everyone stood a chance of winning a piece from the collection by entering the competition (fingers crossed). Did I mention the bottomless cocktails🍹?

The Collection

Beautiful pieces indeed and it felt like being in the space of a fairy for the night. The pieces sparkled as if they had magic dust on them and we’re calling everyone’s name. I wasn’t available to answer the call at that moment but I’m hoping to get my hands on some of the pieces.

Shop Pandora Garden here and do whatever feels natural.

Watch “DYME artist app sign up tutorial” on YouTube

💅 Maybe you’re one of those talented artists that need a platform to be connected to customers? Dyme is the perfect platform for you.

💄 Dyme connects customers and artists on a platform that let’s you book appointments for treatments in the comfort of your home. The app allows both parties to communicate in the chat window.

🌐 Put your service out there by watching the sign up video below to know how:

Dyme App

💅Beauty Delivered to Your Doorstep💅

💙 As a single mom to Twin Boys, you can just try to imagine how hectic my life is. I usually forget to even look after myself because let’s face it, where is that time going to come from? Thanks to the Dyme app, this mom will be reintroduced to me time.

What is the Dyme App

💙 The Dyme app connects customers to different types of mobile beauty professionals online. It is available for users in Capetown, Durban and Johannesburg. The convenience for both the service provider and the customer is out of this world. Picture this, you have an event after work but you need to get home first and get the kids settled, while you’re at it your nail technician is on the way so when she arrives she starts on your nails as you assist the kids with homework and when she’s done you get ready and leave!

Booking a treatment

💙 I had the pleasure of trying the app and booked an appointment with Tshepi from Manala on Wheelzz. I was impressed by her immediate response as she verified my treatment and checked for any other preferences through the chat option in the app. I was informed she was on her way and she was very punctual and professional, she briefed me on what we would be doing and the products she was going to use. A short questionnaire was conducted to ascertain if I have any allergies or conditions to ensure a non hazardous treatment.

The Artist

💙 I got to know Tshepi a bit better as we discussed how she finds the Dyme app from a service provider point of view. She loves that she is her own boss and can work flexible hours. The app has connected her to some long lasting work relationships which is great for her business Manala On Wheelzz.

The After

💙After my gorgeous nails were done, I was given tips on how to look after them and the app also concluded and gave me an option to rate the service.

This was my experience with the app:

☑️ Easy sign up and booking on the app.

☑️ Various treatments and professionals to choose from. I also got to choose the date and time.

☑️Safe and easy payment methods Payu or Cash option.

☑️ Adequate information and communication regarding my booking.

☑️ Professional and stunning nails installed in the comfort of my own home.

☑️ You will get R150 discount when you download and use the Dyme customer app for the first time. Just enter the code: THANDIE48 in the promo section.

Download the app here:

Visit their Website for more info:

You can also enter the Unvarnished Pamper Party Competition to stand chance to win the ultimate luxury pamper night experience. You can go to @dymebeautyapp on Instagram and Facebook page to find out how to enter.

Single Mom Life

How many single mom’s are out there? I salute all parents but have a deeper understanding of single mom’s with me being one of them. Very often people tell me how they have respect for me, how they’re proud of me and a lot of other good things. I casually say thank you because the greater part of the time it just feels like one of those things that people say just to keep you going.

Today I’m putting myself on the spotlight and saying: Well done Mama! All the hardships I have endured with my Twins, all the hard work I put in to make sure they’re well catered to, all the time and love I put in and most of all the sacrifices I make. I mean guys I don’t own a pair of socks, I use some of their socks 🤣.

I’m proud of myself for doing the best that I can even if some ventures are unsuccessful. I’m far from perfect but what I have done so far is perfect. Through this motherhood journey, I have learned not to be so hard on myself, I’m still learning everyday to exercise patience and most of all that when I parent I use my own skills because that’s what works for the Twins and I.

This certainly is not easy and there are days of melting down, that is ok. Just know Mama that you’re doing great and others are inspired by you. The days you feel like giving up, remember who is watching… Those bundles of joy.

🤡School Funday🤡 02.03.19

🤡 It was all fun and games yesterday at school. The Twins were looking forward to it all month. Their main focus was on the inflatables and they hardly came to me for anything.

🤡 There was fun face painting, hairspray, soccer and netball. I really had a nice time knowing they’re having a nice time. I went in for the kill and did the face painting and hairspray, teachers and kids were giving me high 5’s for this 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽. You should have seen the Twins faces beaming with joy 😍.

🤡 Let’s not forget the importance of the funday… I am big on supporting any kind of fundraiser for the school. Anything to help better the school is a huge investment in my eyes because it improves their learning environment. It also sends out good vibes to the kids when you’re involved. Do you also support school events?

Momo Challenge

It so terrifying to learn that the internet just got scarier! It is bad enough already that there are cartoons that have bad language and some even pornographic. Now there is the Momo Challenge, what is this world coming too?

I am very strict with regards to the internet so the Twins have very limited access and it’s usually supervised. All it takes is 2 seconds as I walk to the kitchen and back for them to land on the wrong page. My fear is when I am not there to supervise, what happens? It could be a negligent nanny and sometimes innocent parents that give access to internet for kids to have fun who they will have visited.

So it is said the Momo Challenge encourages self inflicted harm and sometimes even fatal instructions. What can we do to protect our children from this?

Follow the link below to get more info.