Grade 1 Completed

Wow, where has the year gone? I cannot believe how fast time flies. Just yesterday the Twins were starting Gr1 and it was a whole basket of emotions. I can’t believe we have reached the end already.

Where the journey began.

Being a single Mom means discovering, failing, encouraging, crumbling, praising and literally doing everything on your own. I had to show up at every meeting, sports day, prize giving and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have had to deal with every meltdown, every disciplinary action, every financial aspect and worse giving explanations as to why other kids dad’s show up and their doesn’t. I had to be honest this time around and say I do not know. I’m done giving excuses and I still want to protect their innocence.

Sports day.

In spite of all the rollercoaster rides this year, I’m glad my babies made it. They passed and received awards for doing well. I may have had one of the most difficult years in my life but God saw us through it all. I’m grateful we were blessed with a teacher that sparked a light in each of our hearts and helped us achieve the best through the year.

Award winners.

Grade 2, you better be ready because we are coming. For now, let the holidays begin.

Ready for the holiday.

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