Single Mom Life

How many single mom’s are out there? I salute all parents but have a deeper understanding of single mom’s with me being one of them. Very often people tell me how they have respect for me, how they’re proud of me and a lot of other good things. I casually say thank you because the greater part of the time it just feels like one of those things that people say just to keep you going.

Today I’m putting myself on the spotlight and saying: Well done Mama! All the hardships I have endured with my Twins, all the hard work I put in to make sure they’re well catered to, all the time and love I put in and most of all the sacrifices I make. I mean guys I don’t own a pair of socks, I use some of their socks 🤣.

I’m proud of myself for doing the best that I can even if some ventures are unsuccessful. I’m far from perfect but what I have done so far is perfect. Through this motherhood journey, I have learned not to be so hard on myself, I’m still learning everyday to exercise patience and most of all that when I parent I use my own skills because that’s what works for the Twins and I.

This certainly is not easy and there are days of melting down, that is ok. Just know Mama that you’re doing great and others are inspired by you. The days you feel like giving up, remember who is watching… Those bundles of joy.

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