Grade 1 we are here!

This is the day that the Lord has made. My Twin babies are in Grade 1 yaaaayyyy!!! They were up bright and early 05:30 and asked if it was school today.

I had ‘home schooled’ the Twins for a year because I just couldn’t afford school. This wasn’t going so good because half the time I’m tired from work, I need to then cook when I get home, I was trying to study then having to teach them as well. I felt I was robbing them and I stopped at nothing to make sure they would be back in a school!

God will always see us through, of course we also have to put in the determination and hard work for the recipe to be a success.

The Twins settled in well, they remembered their teacher from orientation day. They were asked if they wanted to sit together or separately and Amadeus answered: we are Twins we sit together 🤣. I left with my heart at peace, they’re in good hands and they have each other!

Thank you so much to everyone that has also played a role making this whole single mum gig bearable!

How did back to school go for you guys?

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