Will I date again?

Cupid has neglected me for a bit so I decided to hunt him down and point the arrow to myself by clicking a dating site! I was very excited about this after hearing how others have found true love and sailed into the sunset with their new found love.

I glammed up and shot the ‘perfect’ pictures for my profile and (((boom))) I was on and ready to date. It really didn’t take long and I had an overwhelming amount of notifications. Wooohooo prince charming here I click! I browsed through all the notifications and there was everything from eye candy, the beast, the frog and even my hoped for prince charming (so I thought). It didn’t take me even half an hour to screen the 120 notifications and narrow them down to 3 that seemed to have potential.

They engaged in conversation and it really didn’t take them a week to suggest something sexual. I was left with zero potentials by the end of the week damn man! At this time I have 320 notifications and I just deactivated my account. I’m very picky (rightfully so), a bit impatient and have my guard up. I really hope Mr Right was not among those notifications but that’s when I realized I’m so old school. I want Mr Right to see me in the grocery store picking tomatoes and have his breathe taken away by my sight then he walks up to me and helps me choose the best tomatoes.

There are people I personally know that found happily ever after from dating sites so it’s not a bad thing. All I’m saying is, it’s not for me.

Have you tried dating sites? How did it go for you?

11 thoughts on “Will I date again?

  1. Dating sites have not been an option for me either lol, welcome to 2019 mommy!!!!! Excited about what you have for us. Your testimonies and daily victories are an inspiration. Rock 2019 girl!

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  2. I tried it and l was catfished by one guy, others were also going down the “sexual” route in a very short space of time. I gave up after being on it for literally 2 weeks😂

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  3. Doesn’t work at for me aswell.Tried tinder and asked myself wat i was doing after just an hour.Old school rocks,walk up,get your game on and do your thing

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  4. Don’t discard the thought completely. We’re all old school and hope that love will find us in that moment when the wind is blowing through your hair (?) and your smile is so perfect that it captures not only his eye, but also his heart.
    Hang in there babe and filter through those notifications, someone might just have gone through some heartache as you and thought they have no other option than going onto a dating site.
    Peace, Love and Prosperity will lead your dreams into Reality.
    Love you lots MWAHZ!!!

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