Tree Top Adventures

There are so many fun filled, adventurous outdoor venues in Johannesburg. I found a fantastic one!!!

The Twins birthday was creeping up on me and I had to do some serious homework to make sure their party was different from all the others they had. Treetop Adventures provides different courses/packages for different age groups so you find that your ‘big kid’ will also be catered to by the activities.

As a party venue, It is magical. We had a covered spaced that faced the dam and zip-lining is done just over the same dam. We had opted for self catering so we hired a braai stand, brought our charcoal and our forest braai was on. Catering services are also an option even party decor and setting up. 

The Twins took on the Course below:

Woodpecker Course (Purple)

Age: Children aged 3 – 7 years
Obstacles: 10
Zip-lines: 2
The Woodpecker course is constructed with platforms at an average height of 1.2m above ground to enable adult assistance where necessary. This course builds confidence and independence in young Tree Top Adventurers as they move from platform to platform across various challenging obstacles and two zip-lines.

Visit more detailed information and you could be one step closer to being the best parent ever!

What outdoor gems have you come across for the kids? Please share, you will be helping out parents in need. For the photography on the day we had

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