WWF #ForNatureForYou Party

Friday 30 November 2018 was such a beautiful evening for me. I walked through the doors of WWF (World Wide Fund) For Nature Braamfontein offices and had pictures taken immediately like a red carpet event then directed straight to the rooftop already with the new Hansa Golden Crisp Beer in hand. My friends and I couldn’t help but wow at the bar and the pattern projector that had a whimsical display I had to capture.

Being who I am I jumped straight into the vibe that was being dished out by Dj Zai Maya who was on the decks! Cocktails were flying around and good food too. Everyone was on their feet, the mood was just set #positivevibes! I walked around getting a feel of the environment, like you know when you just really want it all to soak in? I bumped into Natasha one of the organizers from WWF and I introduced myself as the girl who submitted the half naked outdoor shower picture and it was a buzz. She made me feel an electric energy, there was no stopping me.

Before we knew it, Slikour was in the building presenting Reason HD to us who was launching his new track Back to The Source and shooting the music video yaaayyy!!! So there is a chance you will catch a glimpse of me in the video.

We had such a lovely time and when leaving, we got surprise goodie bags!!! Township Patterns which supports women entrepreneurship in Cape Town township communities sells re-usable bags which we received including an aluminium travel mug, a wooden key-ring plus a bamboo straw.

What connects you to nature? I love the outdoors and nature so there is no surprise that I would jump into an outdoor shower in the middle of the bush. #ForNatureForYou

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