The Twins Grade 1

Wow, how time flies when you’re having fun. So the Twins are going into grade 1 in January and boy am I nervous or what? Not even because I don’t trust the school or anything but it’s a milestone and another step for them towards independence.

Today we went to their school for their orientation so they had a feel of their new classroom, teacher and classmates. I also had a test drive of walking them to big school classroom and already the teacher was reassuring me because she could just see I was a tad bit clingy.

I went off to the hall and I am glad the principal and teachers did the presentation that was informative and reassuring. They shared the below info and more:

  • All the details on how it will work on the first day of school, what I need to do to assist in smooth sailing of this big day.
  • What I need to do when I am unsure and who to talk to if anything arises.
  • A briefing of the rules accompanied by a breakdown that we took home.

I am glad we met and discussed this new partnership of parent and school for the kids. I feel comfortable and so did the Twins that I found doing some coloring at the end. They got to kept the crayons and were telling me how they received cupcakes and juice from their teacher. They did not want to leave their classroom and I pray this spirit stays alive even during winter mornings when they need to wake up for school.

What is your childs recent milestone, are you also taking your child to a new grade, big school or even just change of school? How do you feel about it?

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