Mai2: The Fierce Child Bearer Part 1

It was a beautiful very pregnant day for me on Thursday 28 June 2012. I woke up craving for McDonalds and the best part is one of my best friends Toby had come for a visit and he fell victim to getting McDonalds for the pregnant lady. We walked a good 6 km (yes at 36 weeks) to and from only for me to nibble on it. Toby was highly concerned about this walk but he obviously wasn’t equipped to argue with a pregnant lady and so we did walk. It was lovely seeing him as always, we got to chat about everything in life. It was time for the see you later’s and Toby went on his way. My house mate couldn’t help but giggle at how I put emphasis on the fact that I wasn’t really tired from the 6 km walk because I am sure I looked more than burnt out.

Yawn, it is morning time and my 4:30am alarm went off because it was antenatal check up day. I was registered at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital and with it being a Government hospital I had to be there early to make sure I would be attended to. As I got to the taxi rank, the taxi drivers asked how it was humanly possible that I was still walking around with the size of my belly? Other passengers joked about how I just want to have a taxi rank delivery, I laughed so hard and was asked to take it easy.

I got to the hospital and as I am walking to the waiting room, a nurse calls for a wheelchair and I look around to see who was in despair but alas it was for me? I’m confused right now as they’re trying to check my blood pressure in the midst of me trying to get out of this damn wheelchair! “She is pre-eclamptic, we need to get this blood pressure down and deliver these babies” I heard one say. I have stood up from the wheelchair trying to figure out what that means because they’re all busy talking and now asking me to shove some pills down my throat, how dare they because I’m only
allowed to take Panado? A nurse says: ehh mama you’re in danger we need to get those babies out asap. At that moment, I found my phone with ease and I called my mother who was all the way in Zimbabwe to say: IT’S TIME! My mother being exactly that, dropped everything and started making arrangements to get to her last born child….

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